Connecticut ReTooled: Leveraging Connecticut’s Knowledge Communities to Grow Prosperous Knowledge Economies

October 10, 2018
Bruce Museum, Greenwich, CT

Fairfield County schools rank top in a state rated #1 for college readiness in US News & World Report/McKinsey’s 2018 study “Best States.

Knowledge economies — the drivers of economic prosperity — are first knowledge communities.

Our Fairfield County communities make great investments in the education of our young people.

What is our return on investment? Are we capturing value or subsidizing a feeder-system to the global market place? Can we incentivize local investment and reverse out-migration, especially amongst millennials and Gen Z, re-branding the constellation of Fairfield County towns and villages from bedroom communities (so last century) to 21st-century knowledge economies?

Please join us for a conversation on leveraging Connecticut’s investment in education into an ecosystem of entrepreneurship, where smart young people partner with seasoned professionals to anchor and prosper local economies.

This community conversation features Matthew McCooe, CEO, CT Innovations; Dr. Angela Kaczmarczyk, molecular biologist and co-founder and co-organizer, Boston Open Science Laboratory (“BosLab”), Somerville, MA; and Jacob Olmedo, ecological fashion designer, NYC and Redding, CT.