re-wire: design-build workshop

June 2013
Redding, CT

Design-build workshop culminates the April-June re-wire program of weekly seminars on art, design, community, ecology, and economy with Joel Barlow High School re-wire interns. 

The design-build workshop conducted with Swedish architects Emil Lillo (School of Architecture, Lund University) and Ludvig Hallje (Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenborg) and costume designer Joni Johns Lerner

We later discovered from Ludvig’s grandmother that her father, Ludvig’s great-great-grandfather, had worked at the Gilbert & Bennett wire mill in the early 1920s. In letters to her dated 1892 (Swedes first arrived in Georgetown in 1891), Karl- August Petterson detailed his work with wire thread at the mill site, with illustrated instructions he was given because he didn’t speak English.

Funding from the State of Connecticut, Department of Economic and Community Development; with the Connecticut Trust for Historic Preservation; fiscal sponsorship provided by New York Foundation for the Arts. Project documentation here.