Proposed H.B. No. 6605

An act concerning transfers and conveyances of brownfields designated as special taxing districts.

Olivia Greenspan, TILL, and Representative Hughes testify in support of Proposed H.B. 6605 to the Commerce Committee, Connecticut General Assembly, Hartford, February 21, 2019

On January 8, 2019, State Representative Anne Hughes (District 135), with co-sponsors State Senator Will Haskell (District 26) and State Representative Raghib Allie-Brennan (District 2), introduced an amendment to Public Act 17-214, the CT Brownfield Land Bank, to clear title on the Gilbert & Bennett property for the Town of Redding. 

The legislation allows the Town to separate the mill site from the Georgetown Special Taxing District, uncoupling Town coffers from District debts over which Town taxpayers have had no say but have been backed into a corner of having to buy their way out.

The creditors of the Georgetown Special Taxing District entered into a speculative land venture that failed. Simply put, their private risk should not have claim on public money. 

The decade-long legal and financial morass of the Georgetown Special Taxing District has cost Redding taxpayers millions of dollars in opportunity cost, ongoing legal fees, carrying costs of an outsized water treatment facility, and raises numerous constitutional concerns, including the opaque circumstances of its formation.

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